Steve Jobs: the iPad came before the iPhone, Flash still sucks

Steve Jobs, in an interview with AllThingsD's Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the D8 conference, addressed everything from Apple's war-that's-not-a-war with Flash, the development of the iPad, lost iPhones and more. But did he answer everything?

On Apple's recent triumph over Microsoft in market capitalization, Jobs remarked, "It's surreal, but it doesn't really mean anything." As for Microsoft, Google and Apple's new competitors on new platforms, Jobs continued, "No, we don't see ourselves in a platform war. We never saw ourselves in a platform war with Microsoft, either...Maybe that's why we lost. But we never thought of ourselves in a platform war; we just wanted to make good products."

What constitutes a good product? Well, not Flash. "We're just trying to make great products," says Jobs. "We don't think Flash makes a great product, so we're leaving it out."

"We didn't set out to have a war over Flash," he added. "We made a technical decision. And it wasn't until the iPad that Adobe raised a stink."

Steve Jobs also addressed the controversy over the iPhone recovered and reported on by Gizmodo. He softballs it for the most part: "To make a wireless product work well, you have to test it. And one of our employees was carrying one and there's a debate about whether it was left in a bar or stolen." He goes on to gloss over the raid on Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's home, saying, "And the police showed up and took this guy's computers...and the DA is investigating it...and I don't know where it well end up."

(Jobs isn't the greatest fan of blogging. He makes it a point in response to whether or not the iPad is helping out the newspaper industry, saying, "I don't want us to see us descend into a nation of bloggers.")

Speaking of the iPad, did you know that it was actually in the works before the iPhone? According to Jobs, "It began with the tablet. I had this idea about having a glass display, a multitouch display you could type on with your fingers. I asked our people about it." As Jobs played more with the tablet, he thought, "'my God, we can build a phone with this!'"

You can read the full interview here. Did he answer all of your questions, or would you have asked him something more?

Via AllThingsD