'Dustbuster' Star Trek: TNG phaser replica (updated)

This replica of the hand phaser from Star Trek: the Next Generation bears a striking resemblance to a Dustbuster. Intergalactic stardust needn't fear, though — the phaser may look like a cleaning gadget, but it doesn't vacuum. It just looks spectacularly authentic.

To the uninitiated, these prop weapons were lovingly nicknamed Dustbusters on set because of their familiar shape resembling that well-known household cleaning implement. This replica is better than any hand vacuum, though, boasting realistic LED lighting and sound effects. It's intricately crafted by the original prop masters to look exactly like those used in the TV series.

You'd better be serious about your Star Trek memorabilia, though, because this $500 sucker will empty your wallet at Warp 9.

Entertainment Earth, via Coolest Gadgets

UPDATE: Due to a miscommunication between editor and writer, this post originally said the replica was a functional Dustbuster. It does not vacuum, but it's still a cool replica.