With Spyder III, the laser pointer just got deadly

I'm honestly a little scared that the Wicked Lasers Spyder III exists. Normally, the lasers the general public can get its hands on are more or less, you know, for pointing at movie screens and pissing people off. The Spyder III? For $200, you've got yourself a damn lightsaber.

Just check out this warning:

Extremely dangerous is an understatement to the power of 1W of laser power. It will blind permanently and instantly and set fire quickly to skin and other body parts, use with extreme caution and only when using the included eye protection. Customers will be required to completely read and agree to our Class IV Laser Hazard Acknowledgment Form.

Blind instantly? Set skin on fire? You could really do some damage with this thing. Somehow that Class IV Laser Hazard Acknowledgment Form doesn't make me feel any better. It should be as hard to get something like this as it is to get a handgun. (Well, or like something dangerous that's actually hard to get. Like a, um, tank?)

Wicked Lasers, via Gizmodo, via CrunchGear