POLL: Is Sony's Twittering device for cats stupid or fun?

Hooo-kay, Sony. Your new device that allows cats to have their very own Twitter feed? I don't get it.

Here's how it works: it's a little box that hangs around kitty's neck. It has a camera, an acceleration sensor and a GPS receiver on board. It keeps tabs on what the cat is doing, be it eating, running around, sleeping or hanging out with other cats. It then sends out one of 11 set texts via Bluetooth to a computer than then posts it to the cat's Twitter feed. The messages are presumably things like "Meowsers, I'm eating right now!" or "My owner is a sad and lonely person!"

There's no word on when this thing is being released, if ever, but it should sell better than the Sony Rolly in any case.

Tech-On via Boing Boing