PlayStation Move could make the Wii look like an antique

Ever since the Nintendo Wii became a hit, it was pretty inevitable that Sony would eventually release its own motion-sensitive interface for the PS3. That day has finally come with Sony's official unveiling of the long-anticipated PlayStation Move.

Final details of the PlayStation Move controller were released today at E3 with availability scheduled for September, or more importantly, a couple of months before Microsoft's Kinect. As we reported earlier the Move controller looks a whole bunch like a Wiimote with a glowing ball stuck on the end, but Sony claims that its action is far more accurate. The key difference is that the Move is designed to be particularly sensitive to the front-to-back distance from the PlayStation Eye, making the player's movements in all three dimensions important.

While it all works with the existing PS3 platform, Sony sees the Move as a major upgrade of the entire system, and will offer several bundles for adding Move functionality to your own PS3. Sold separately, the motion controller will go for $50, while the Navigation Controller (kind of like a Wii Nunchuck) will be $30. If you don't have a PlayStation Eye figure in another $35, or get all three in a bundle for $100.

Sony PlayStation Move