Sick of those annoying horns at the World Cup? Here's a fix

The soccer World Cup has been great so far, but that constant drone from the traditional South African Vuvuzela horns can get pretty tiring after 90 minutes. A German blogger called Tube was frustrated enough that he developed a software filter that chops out the drone and posted how to do it on the blog Surfpoeten.

Tube's analysis showed that a standard Vuvuzela has a fundamental tone at 233Hz, with overtones at 466, 932 and 1864Hz. Most TV speakers can't reach down to 233Hz, so it's those overtones that create the swarm-of-bees effect that drives you to madness during a match.

To create the filter, Tube ran the TV sound to his Mac Mini running Logic Express, but any program that lets you filter out a narrow band of audio frequencies should work. A New York City sports bar is apparently doing the same thing with a simple graphic equalizer.

Now if there were only an easy way to shut up some of those annoying commentators.

Die Surfpoeten, via