Rumor: Xbox Slim 360, $200 PlayStation 3 on the way?

We're on the cusp of the biggest video game announcements of the year as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, is fast approaching. The flipside of that is the web is stuffed to the gills with enticing rumors. Two of those? We could get a $200 PlayStation 3 from Sony, or a redesigned, smaller Xbox from Microsoft.

The rumors involving an Xbox Slim 360, as the redesign could be called, come Fudzilla, a site that's no stranger to posting speculation — sometimes getting it dead on. Fudzilla reports information from its sources that think a slimmed down, cheaper 360 could help ease the cost of Natal, Microsoft's upcoming motion-controlled gaming peripheral:

The slimmed down unit would feature die shrinks coupled with a variety of additional cost cutting moves to drive the price of the console down. The initial thinking is that this might be an effort in conjunction with the Natal bundle that seems likely to be launched at E3. The slim unit could also be used to drive down the price point in an effort to reignite sales again.

Similarly, it's believed that a new version of Sony's PlayStation 3 is on the way, thanks to filings with the FCC. What could that new console be? Well, the PS3 has already slimmed itself down, but there's still one area where it's fat: price. The signs point to that price coming down, as yesterday people spotted a weird price difference which listed the PlayStation 3 as "starting at $199."

As someone who does own a 360 and would love to get a smaller, sleeker unit, and someone who doesn't own a PlayStation 3, both of these announcements would be welcome. Then again, that's how these rumors get'cha — they get you excited for nothing, usually.

Via Maximum PC and TFTS