2050 Mercedes defies gravity with maglev tech

Who cares if we're going to be old men and women by 2050? Designer Felipe Palermo says we'll be driving a Mercedes Arrow like this one. By then, he thinks public transportation (and maybe hydrogen-powered airliners?) will have taken over the job of getting us from one place to another, so this little recreational maglev road rocket's only job will be to provide moments of sheer joy and exhilaration.

Notice how the cockpit of this go-kart-like vehicle leans with turns, a necessity because its magnetic wheels will be tightly secured to a metal roadbed, resulting in neck-snapping G forces. Good thing you'll be leaning into the turns, keeping your head from being smacked up against that shiny chrome rollbar.

Notice how the designer illustrates this vehicle with a couple of metallic humanoid figures seated within. Maybe flesh-and-blood humans won't be sitting in his car at all, but those two humanoid bots will function as sensors, wirelessly relaying their sensations directly into our brains. All fun, no danger? Sign us up.

Via Yanko Design