Radical tricycle concept responds to your body's motion

Just like we've known since we were little, three-wheeled vehicles are awesome. This sleek trike concept from designer David Parrott has a few more features than your average preschooler's ride, though.

Parrott's Trimtab 3x3 is strictly for grown-ups with fine-tuned adult motor skills and balance. Let's start with the steering. Every turn you make relies on your body's movements — just lean and it'll turn, handlebars be damned! In case you do need a little extra help, though, there are hydraulic levers that will give you a nudge around particularly stubborn curves.

There's also a small storage compartment in the back that stays upright no matter how wildly you're attacking those winding roads, and an acrylic windscreen to make you and your cargo more aerodynamic as well as protect you from inclement weather.

Just throw in a GPS and some LEDs and we'll be ready to take this concept out on the town.

Coroflot, via Bicycle Design