WANT of the day: Bathtub with massive TV screen

I'm not a big bath guy. I mean, sitting in a lukewarm pool of dirty water may be relaxing, but the whole concept of it seems a little gross to me. But if I had the Sub-Tub Whirlpool Bath and Washbasin, complete with giant OLED screen that folds down to act as a cover for the tub when not in use? Yeah, I think I'd be more on board with them.

The tub is a mere design concept at this point, and I don't know how smart it is to have a gigantic TV hooked up to a bathtub — you know, water and electricity not mixing that well and all. But still! If they figure out how to keep it safe and look as good as these renders do, it'd be a pretty stunning addition to any bathroom.

Behance, via BornRich