New Xbox found to destroy game discs when moved

The newly redesigned Xbox 360 hopefully won't flash you a Red Ring of Death, but it sounds like it still shares one problem with its predecessor. If you move the Xbox while it's got a disc in it, you may have just cost yourself a game.

Game blog Destructoid put the new Xbox (name it already, Microsoft, so I don't have to keep typing that — pretty please?) to the test, inserting a copy of Alan Wake and then, after the disc starts spinning, moving the Xbox. The result? "Goodbye, Alan Wake."

Now, this may not sound like that big of an issue. After all, you probably won't nudge your system that often while playing. Hell, even someone walking by and jostling it will happen so infrequently — if ever — to be a worry. Even with Kinect coming out and kids getting in on some Xbox action, you'll still probably be okay.

My worry? Problems like this usually are indicative that you could run into scratched discs while sitting the Xbox 360 upright. You won't find it standing tall on my shelf, but as all of the new promotional images show the Xbox standing like it is above, you have to imagine that a lot of discs are going to come back scratched. So consider this a PSA, folks: don't move your Xbox and keep it flat.

Destructoid, via Reg Hardware