Monster 3D glasses will work with any TV, but it's not that simple

Adding to the list of why 3D TVs are annoying: glasses that work with, say, a Panasonic TV won't work with a Samsung TV and vice versa. Monster's new Vision Max 3D glasses aim to fix that by working with any manufacturer's 3D TV.

In order to do that, it uses a base station to transmit shutter sync info to the glasses. It isn't cheap, costing $250 for the base station and one pair of glasses, with extra glasses costing $180 each.

It's a nice fix, I guess, but if you already have a 3D TV, why not just buy the glasses that work with it? It's not like you can bring these glasses to a friends' house if they don't have a base station.

ChipChick, via Gizmodo