Ingenious concept makes smartphone instructions understandable

For smartphones to be embraced by 100% of the cellphone universe (and completely choke AT&T), they're going to have to be a lot easier to use. Or there's got to be some dead-simple training tools to bring the uninitiated into the fold. That's the idea behind this "Out of the Box design" concept, placing a smartphone inside a cutout portion of the book, with easy-to-read labels pointing out each of its features.

It's a great idea. If tech companies insist on going to the trouble and eco-unfriendliness of printing instruction manuals, why not make them so easy to use that even a two-year-old could navigate them? Sure, the rest of us gadget geeks will just pick up a new phone, wander around its operating system, and wonder why its designers didn't make it easier to use. But for our moms, this could be the breakthrough that finally allows us to send them text messages.

Clara Gaggero, via OhGizmo