Behold, the modular everything gadget

Trying to cram every conceivable function into a single portable device is tough. But what if you could set up your device with only the features — and hardware — you wanted at that particular moment? That's the idea behind the DIY Player concept from designer Shao Wen.

For most gadgets, you can have a nice big screen, but then there's no space for a real keyboard unless you make it an extra chunky slider phone. Including decent speakers without adding too much bulk can also be a major hassle. Not so with the DIY Player.

Based around a central screen, ports on both ends allow you to attach anything from a GPS device, camera, speakers, remote control, and e-reader module, to an alarm clock. You simply snap on the modules as needed.

This looks like it's supposed to appeal to the executive traveler type of customer, but I see several problems. Most of us tend to multitask with our devices, so how are you going to answer an incoming call if you've got something else like the gaming controller attached? Also, who wants to carry around all of those little modules? For me the most obvious module would be a full QWERTY keyboard, but at least in the pictures that doesn't seem to be one of the options.

Still, the basic idea has merit and could work for a lot of people.

Via Gizmowatch