Japan's new supercomputer is the 2nd most powerful on Earth

The geeks at the Tokyo University of Technology have a new toy: one of the fastest supercomputers in the world, dubbed the Tsubame 2.0. Built by NEC and HP for a mere $35 million, it will be activated this fall.

It's got a whopping 2.39 petaflops under the hood, allowing it to perform millions of different calculations per second, and second only to China's Nebulae (which has a theoretical maximum of 2.98 petaflops). This will allow it to tackle incredibly complex physics and science problems with ease, problems that would take even the smartest person years to do themselves. Things like how subatomic particles behave or complex rocket engine designs. You know, smart guy stuff.

It's pretty cool, I guess, but can it handle Farmville?

Next Big Future, Via Thoughts from the Sidelines