iPhone 4 'most successful' Apple launch, sells 1.7 million in three days

Apple has announced a milestone for itself on two fronts: the iPhone 4 has managed to sell a whopping 1.7 million units in only three days and, because of that, it is the "most successful product launch in Apple's history," according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

It was thought that the iPhone 4 would be able to bust through the one million mark on its first day alone, though it's unclear whether or not the handheld met that goal. Considering Apple is making a big deal of 1.7 million sold on day three, we're guessing it didn't.

Still, 1.7 million is no small feat. The original iPhone sold its first million after 74 days, and the iPad managed to do it in 28. The iPad reached two million by day 59, and with only 300,000 left to go, we're sure the iPhone will beat that number quite handily.

Now, if Apple's lucky, people won't start returning those iPhone 4s for the weird problems the handheld has faced.

Apple, via TechCrunch