iPhone 4's dark secret: poor left-handed calling? UPDATED

This could be the weirdest bug to hamstring a phone in a while. Left-handed callers are finding a serious drop in signal strength when using the iPhone 4. It's thought that when one's palm covers the bottom left corner of the phone it hampers the iPhone's ability to make calls. Update: We've tried it ourselves, with slightly different results.

To test it out, Engadget bought two new iPhone 4s in the UK. They watched the connectivity bars start melting away one by one on the UK's O2 network after the skin of the palm came in contact with the lower left-hand corner of the unit, where the Wi-Fi and 3G (or GSM overseas) antennas meet. "If we had to guess, we'd say that our conductive skin was acting to detune the antenna," Engadget's Richard Lai writes. "in fact, we've already managed to slowly kill two calls that way so it's not just an issue with the software erroneously reporting an incorrect signal strength." Seriously, did Apple not have any left-handed engineers?

Update: We've tried it out on an iPhone 4 of our own. We found that while bars do drop off once held in the left hand, we could still put calls through. Our own Charlie White attributed that to living in Wisconsin, where he says his 3G signal is strong enough that it could muscle through the calls even with only two bars of reception.

Apparently, there's a "fix," but it'll set you back $30. A rubber sleeve designed to fit the iPhone 4 puts a layer of rubber between your flesh and the phone, and helps calls go through.

Check it out in the video down below, courtesy of Engadget. Is anyone else having this problem?

Update 2: As if that wasn't bad enough, iPhone 4s are rolling out with another problem: unsightly yellow spots.

Via Engadget