2007 dock works better with iPhone 4 than the $29 new one

We bristled at the fact that the iPhone 4 didn't fit in its predecessor's dock. But thanks to an astute commenter, we found out the first iPhone's dock, included free with the phone back in 2007, works beautifully with the iPhone 4. In fact, it works even better than the new one that's custom made for it.

Our $29 custom dock made by Apple, pretty much the most expensive piece of plastic we've ever bought, arrived via FedEx today. Placing our iPhone 4 into it, we noticed it's a really tight fit — they're perfectly made for each other. The ironic thing is, we prefer the way the iPhone 4 fits in the old iPhone 1's dock (it doesn't fit in the iPhone 3G or 3GS's dock). It's not so unnecessarily tight, and that makes it incredibly easy to remove with one hand, a usability improvement that makes a big difference.

You laugh, but one-handed dock removal is a great convenience when you're half asleep, reaching over for the iPhone to check your email before you get up. You only need to use one hand, and you don't have to wedge a finger against the dock and uncomfortably extract the iPhone from its nest. Best of all, the iPhone 4 charges and syncs just as well with the old dock.

If you've been using iPhones since Day One, it's time to dig up that old dock. If you're a longtime iPhone user who's already sprung for the $29 iPhone 4 dock, well, now you have two — one for your office and one for your nightstand. By the way, if you want to try using the iPad dock for your iPhone 4, that's not going to work, either. For future reference, Apple, why not just include a dock in the box like you did at first?