Infographic: Online porn is a lot bigger than you think

Who knew online porn was so big? Apparently, size does matter. Of course, none of our genteel readership visits any porn sites, but you'll probably be surprised to find out that 70% of men aged 18 to 24 visit porn sites in a typical month. And ladies, don't be acting all smug now, because one in three porn viewers are women. Take a look at the full-sized graphic below from those cool artists at OnlineMBA.

Why should we care about this porno infographic? Because porn has historically led video tech into brand-new areas, such as VHS tapes, DVDs, streaming video, and now — dare we even imagine? — porn is going 3D.

The second most astonishing number in this fact-filled tableau: Internet porn earns $4.9 billion worldwide per year. That's particularly laughable in light of the fact that sexual material on the Internet is so ubiquitous and easy to find for free. Who's paying for this stuff?

So that's how the porn business continues to thrive: It's built on the backs of people who don't know how to find stuff on the Internet.

Online MBA, via Gizmodo