Visionaries plan to turn the moon into huge solar power plant

Japanese visionaries at construction firm Shimizu Corporation take that saying "Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood" literally, with six of the boldest megaprojects ever imagined. Topping the list is Luna Ring, a lunar solar power plant. It's a 6,800 mile belt of solar panels built around the moon's equator, whose power is transmitted back to Earth using microwave and laser wizardry.

There's no need to transport all the raw materials to build this gigantic plant to the moon — it will be built by robots using moon rocks and dust. These guys have even figured out a way to create water with lunar soil and hydrogen mixed together. We think unicorns might be involved, too.

Anyway, once all that energy is gathered and transmitted back to Earth, it's converted back into electrical power at numerous terrestrial power stations. This might be a great idea if no one's invented a practical way to achieve fusion yet by the time all this technology is finally figured out.

This is just the beginning for these forward-thinking geniuses. Check out their five additional far-out ideas, and see if you can pick which one will actually happen. Either way, it pays to dream.

Via Pink Tentacle