Here's a 3D photo frame for all those 3D pictures you don't have

Aiptek has the perfect companion to the i2, its 3D camcorder: a seven-inch 3D photo frame. You won't need to wear glasses to see the 3D effect, either. What you will need, of course, is 3D pictures. You got some of those, right? No?

You have to wonder if 3D isn't being pushed out in a way that's too much, too soon. First you had your 3D movies. Then you got your 3D televisions and video games. Now you've got 3D cameras, camcorders and even photo frames to tie it all together.

This frame, though? The 3D effect won't work unless you're looking at it from a specific angle. That's not really how we typically use digital frames, though, so it's begs the question, what's the point of this thing? Just to capitalize on labeling something 3D, hoping that people enamored with emerging technology who don't read very closely will snap it up? Maybe as this whole 3D fad progresses we'll see some more practical applications when it comes to more than one viewer, without the glasses. (Holograms, please!)

If you do happen to have some 3D shots lying around, look for the frame on shelves August 15 for $200.

Amazon, via 3D-Display-Info