The smallest electronic orchestra you'll ever see

Artist and musician Tristan Perich decided to test just how far he could stretch 1-bit tunes, using only a single microchip as his orchestra. The setup you see above is the result: you don't actually remove any of the components from the CD case. You just plug it in and listen.

The 1-Bit Symphony is a bit like a chiptune, if you're familiar. Chiptune artists take retro tech and old video game consoles and turn them into musical instruments, the output being songs that sound like they belong in NES games. Perich's 1-Bit Symphony sounds quite a bit like that, but you're average low-bit chiptune uses 8-bit or 16-bit components.

Check it out for yourself in the video below. Perich will be selling his creations later this year, and you can preorder them right now for $27 a pop).

1-Bit Symphony, via Minimalissimo