Audi's solution to traffic jams: cars that talk to each other

Audi just took one step closer to autonomous vehicles with its Travolution technology. Because the system is hooked up with traffic lights, it knows when to slow the car down so it won't have to stop at the next light. The result? Cars can reduce fuel consumption by 17% because they only need to stop at one out of five traffic lights.

That's just the beginning. Audi's refining the system so if you try to run a red or yellow light, it will gently press the brakes to remind you to stop. There's also a handy feature that will show you a countdown on your dashboard to the end of a red light.

Another cool feature will let cars report traffic jams to each other, similar to the way that Dash GPS system worked (until it was discontinued last year). It'll also help you automatically pay for gas, and find available parking spaces.

If robot cars were 100% reliable, we'd be up for it. Short of that, perhaps these automated car functions are being just a little bit too helpful.

Via Autoblog Green