New Xbox 360 may have solved the 'red ring of death' problem

Today, as rumored, Microsoft unveiled its new version of the Xbox 360. It has a bigger, 250GB hard drive, Wireless N built right in (negating the need for any Wi-Fi adapters) and a new design, all for the same price as the old version — $299. But here's the real question: did they finally fix the hardware issues that have plagued the Xbox 360 since launch?

The Xbox 360 is famous for its "red ring of death," the lights that appear on the front of the console when it overheats and dies, which mean the console needs to be sent back to the factory for repair — typically a six-week process. It happened because the Xbox 360 had a tendency to overheat and fry itself. It was also loud, loud, loud thanks to fans that, apparently, didn't do their jobs very well. Not the best design!

This new model appears to have fixed those issues. First, it has a new chip will use less power and not get as hot while providing the same performance. Second, the two small fans inside have been replaced with one larger fan, apparently to make things a bit quieter. Will these changes fix the problem? We won't know until it starts shipping, but it's hard to imagine Microsoft making these same mistakes twice.

Via Kotaku