Art Lebedev keyboard has a customizable display for every key

Art Lebedev's next expensive and impressive keyboard, the Optimus Popularis, improves on previous keyboards before it while adding something nifty and new: a status bar for your computer at the top of the 'board. You'll get weather updates, information about your PC, and more. Oh, and every key is a display, too.

The status bar is a nice, always-on panel that you can customize to give you everything from the interesting, such as stock reports, to the useful, like how many email messages you've got waiting for you. The real trick, though, is in the buttons, which now have improved screens that take up almost the entire face of each key.

This allows the keyboard to do more with less. For instance, you could change what language your keyboard displays, or even have a numpad appear at the press of a button, rather than having to have extra physical keys. It gives the keyboard an elegant air, and is probably the limit of what can be done without just making this thing virtual.

The big drawback? You guessed it. It's set to launch for "under $1,000," though how far under is anyone's guess. Look for pre-orders to start later this year.

Here's a picture you can click on to make bigger:


Optimus Project, via Electronista