Google bans the use of Windows after hacking scare

Citing hacking vulnerabilities, Google has announced that the company will no longer use Windows-based computers. All incoming employees get two choices instead: Macs with OS X or PCs running Linux.

That's some pretty rough news for Microsoft, no doubt. Google accounts for 10,000 folks all the world over, and none of them will be using Windows at work anymore.

The purge has been ongoing since January, though at that time employees were still allowed to have Windows on their laptops if they like — just not their desktops. Now, if a Google worker still wants to use Windows, it requires special permission from high up in the ranks (from a CIO, or chief information officer).

"But wait," you cry. "Doesn't Google have its own operating system?" Just so, and a Google employee told the Financial Times that this move is also to make way for the company's own Chrome OS, adding, "It was a long time coming." Chrome OS will most likely be offered as a choice for workers alongside OS X and Linux.

It was the hacking attacks in China that spurred Google to batter batten down the hatches. Windows, the most widely-used OS in the world, is a greater target for hackers in comparison to Apple's OS X and Linux.

Financial Times, via Boy Genius Report