Bizarre car-shaped house is greener than a Prius

We've heard of people living out of their cars, but this car-shaped house takes that idea to the next level. It's going nowhere fast — the wheels are just for show — but the house is packed with sustainable and energy-saving technology.

Architect Markus Voglreiter built it using "a '3 liter' energy-efficient heating and insulation technique that optimizes all current building technologies, drastically reducing energy consumption."

Apparently trying to piss off his neighbors, the German architect started with the '70s style house, and attached this crazy-looking car addition. The guy obviously has a great sense of humor. Let's hope his neighbors feel the same way.

He's is onto something, though, building small, with enhanced energy efficiency. This could be the perfect way to thumb your nose at our gas-guzzling car culture.

Stadtbaumeister, via Freshhome