Star Trek's painless hypospray is real, and it shoots lasers!

Could this be the next step in the evolution toward Dr. McCoy's painless hypospray injections? Rather than his instrument's squishy airy sound, this one has a completely silent laser inside, boring through your skin with holes that are so tiny you can't even feel them.

Finally, this evolved version of that painless laser epidermal system (PLEASE) we showed you a couple of years ago is authorized for sale in Europe, and might be coming soon to a doctor near you. Alas, until it gets here, you'll still have to grin and bear the pain of conventional injections.

Meanwhile, you could ask around for one of these contraptions known as "Mother's Kiss," which also promises relatively painless injections. Or just do like we do, put it off until Dr. McCoy shows up.

Via Engadget