U.K. planning high-tech super soldier with advanced weapons

Behold the scary-looking soldier of the future. He's got a helmet that looks like it came straight out of a video game, complete with of flashlights on the sides, a huge face guard, and digital hearing protection that filters out loud noises but still lets the soldier hear human voices. And that's just the beginning.

This getup is the brainchild of forward-thinkers at the British Ministry of Defense. They've attached a fierce name to it, calling it FIST, an acronym for Future Integrated Soldier Technology.

Check out the kooky orange shades, filtering out ultraviolet light while protecting the eyes from shrapnel. These future British soldiers will also be carrying much better rifles, capable of 2,500-foot accuracy.

And this is just the stuff they're telling us about. Imagine the computerized networking and communications packed inside that insane-looking helmet, the night-vision capabilities, GPS tracking, laser thingamajigs, chemical warfare countermeasures, and live aerial battlefield video transmitted from drones flying above.

This is probably the last wearable high-tech equipment needed by modern armies, soon to be replaced by robots. They, of course, will eventually figure out the complete irrationality of all this fighting initiated by humans and finally eliminate the source of the problem.

Daily Mail, via Gizmo Watch