First lamp to use photosynthesis as a power source

Let's face it: Plants are selfish. They pretty much keep photosynthesis to themselves, not really letting many other organisms in on the energy-making process. Well, designer Mike Thompson decided it was time to get a piece of the photosynthetic action when he created his Latro Lamp.

This unique hanging lamp stores energy from algae during the day and releases it when it's dark out like a wonderful time-released nightlight. All it needs to get the job done is a little CO2, water and natural light. Then, presto — nature and technology collide to create something cool and functional.

The only foreseeable problem is that this lamp is a living thing, so if you're not good at keeping those houseplants alive, you might want to stick with a regular ol' lighting fixture.

According to Mike, this lovely design isn't available yet, but if you want more details on the Latro Lamp or any of his other nifty creations, you should check out his site.

Miket, via The Design Blog