Concept buttonless car keyfob is brilliantly gorgeous

Too many times, I've hit the wrong button when trying to open my Honda, setting off that infernal beeping car-horn alarm that enrages the neighbors. Now, designer Joongho Choi has a new take on the remote key fob, giving up buttons altogether and offering you a simple sliding mechanism to lock or unlock the doors.

It's not clear what the three positions of the switch would do, but we're hoping that whichever way you slide the top part of this key fob, it simply locks the door if it's unlocked, or vice versa. That would make it easy to operate in the dark or while it's in your pocket.

And where do you attach your keys? We're assuming this is for one of those Priuses that starts by pushing a button. Or maybe the car automatically senses when you sit in it, and then when you move the slider in the opposite direction, the car starts.

Via Design Milk