Now you can control slot cars with a smartphone

Try this on an iPhone: Here's a guy who's rigged up his Nexus One smartphone as an accelerator for slot cars. Using the accelerometer on board the phone, when he tilts the handset, the slot car accelerates. How'd he do this?

Clever tech wizard Grant Skinner used a combination of Adobe Air software (oops, iPhone can't do that), a Lego motor controller, a Nexus One Phone and a toy slot car set up. The video tells the story.

Don't miss his amusing final flourish, where he's set up a special harness with a block of wood, nails, and a rubber band, functioning as a surprisingly realistic simulation of a gas pedal. Brilliant.

AIR for Android Wireless Slot Car Gas Pedal from Grant Skinner on Vimeo.

Gskinner, via Android Community