Droid X: The five absolute best features

For every iPhone, there's always a Verizon response. With the iPhone 4 out in the spotlight, Verizon has a new flagship device launching on July 15th: the Droid X. Like the iPhone 4, it's getting put through the paces, and the folks who have gotten to play with it are loving it just as much. How does it match up, though? Hit the link below to find out.

The Odd Design

The Droid X isn't shaped like other phones. It's got a fat top and a tapered bottom, yet it doesn't make it feel awkward. "The bottom is super skinny, the body slowly growing growing thicker until it's topped by a fat head," writes Matt Buchanan's Gizmodo. "Which gives you something meaty to grab in your pocket, making it surprisingly easy to whip out."

"This Hummer humdinger of a phone delivers the absolute maximum in state-of-the-art Android power," writes PC Mag's Sascha Segan, adding that it comes "at the cost of stretching the joint between your thumb and your other four fingers."

A Big, Roomy Screen

With a 4.3-inch screen that's larger than the iPhone 4's crystal-clear 3.5-inch offering, the Droid X needs to put all that real estate to good use. Does it do it's job? "From the first glance you'll notice that the phone is nearly all screen," writes ZDNet's Andrew Nusca. "For one, the screen space is a breath of fresh air. Browsing, menu shopping, reading text — everything's easier with more real estate… it's real hard to go back."

The Boy Genius Report's Andrew Munchbach agrees, writing, "Is the screen massive? Yes. Gorgeous? Yes. Too big to pocket? No."

Speedy, Multitouch Typing

Multitouch is quickly making regular old touchscreen phones a thing of the past. The response time is a lot quicker, and if you're ever found typing on a virtual keyboard cumbersome, then it may be time to take another look.

"I'm already in love the true multitouch keyboard, which might be the best Android now," writes Gizmodo's Buchanan. "It's huge, and clean… A neat point is the way you select text--it's iPhone-y, with a zoomed in rectangle when you press and hold."

Triple The Mics

Why does a phone need three microphones? One for the mouthpiece, one on the back to run a little noise-canceling interference and a third at the top of the phone for recording voice. All together, they can make a mean combo for video as well, as Engadget's Paul Miller points out, writing, "There are three mics, and in video mode you can select between 'scenes' based on which mic you want to use: outward facing for regular shoots, inward facing for narration."

That's great and all, but how does it sound? "From the Droid X end, callers sounded clear and loud, on both normal and speaker modes," writes ZDNet's Nusca, adding that from the recipient's perspective the Droid X sounded great when talking normally, but a "little choppy" on speaker.

Verizon Still Has Unlimited Data

Unlike AT&T, Verizon hasn't dropped unlimited access to data yet, meaning you get all the data you can eat for $30 a month. "Droid X will also work as a mobile hotspot," adds Tested's Norman Chan, "which will cost $20/month.You get 2GB of data with this, but after that, it's 5 cents a megabyte."

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