Droid 2 leak reveals specs rivaling the iPhone 4

Cellphone blog Android and Me has acquired a Droid 2 handset early (pictured above, right), and decided to stack it up against the classic Droid (left). What did they find? In shape and size it's almost the same thing, though it's sporting a 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM, just like the iPhone 4. That's nice and all, but it's going to need something else the original Droid had: heart.

Well, heart and a "Droid Does" ad campaign designed to smear the iPhone. Each spot highlighted areas where the iPhone fell short, such as multitasking, and pointed out that the Droid had it going on. It must have done some good, though, as Flurry, an analytics blog, pegged the Droid as having sold 1.05 million units in the same 74-day period it took the original iPhone to sell one million. The Droid launched in 2009, whereas the original iPhone landed in '07.

The Droid 2 looks like it'll be able to match the iPhone 4 with what it's got under the hood, but will it be able to keep up the pace? The iPhone can multitask now, and it's also changing the game with a front-facing camera and the ability to shoot HD video. We'll know more about what the Droid 2 is bringing to the table when Motorola officially unveils the phone later this week. One thing's for sure, though: the Droid 2 has its work cut out for it. With strong pre-sale figures, some analysts think the iPhone 4 could bust far beyond a million on day one.

Android and Me, via Engadget