Cyclops, the universal remote so big you'll need both hands

Why would you want to hold a remote control with two hands when you can get everything done with one? Well, if you're on the same page as the Genos Cyclops, than you'll be able to do far more than you do already. It's not just a remote for your TV, but also for your game consoles — even your cellphone.

With today's average universal remote, you can certainly interact with everything in the room, but how deep you can get depends on what buttons you have available to you. With that in mind, here's the upside to the Cyclops: it's got a full keypad, so you could type up a message to a friend on your Xbox, for instance — something you could do with arrows (to find each letter) and an enter button, but certainly not as easily.

Still, is that worth sacrificing your other hand for? And what about performing simple tasks, such as turning the TV on and off? It's not like the remote is going to shrink down or anything.

So, in one regard Genos probably has made the most useful universal remote out there. But that doesn't mean it's the easiest to use. If you're into it, keep an eye out for it toward the end of the year (no word on pricing yet).

Via Digital Trends