POLL: Would you pay for Hulu on the iPad or Xbox 360?

The rumors you've been hearing about Hulu turn out to be true, according to Reuters: the coveted online streaming video service will soon start charging for some of its content. The newer episodes will still be free, but Hulu will charge a monthly fee for the back catalog and some other special content. And, the service is reportedly on its way to the iPad and Xbox 360.

Is it true? Well, two reliable sources spilled the beans about Hulu's upcoming pay venture. Hulu, owned by our parent company NBC Universal, along with Disney (ABC) and News Corp (Fox), didn't comment on when the new plan would start, or its price, even though they are, like, our bros. Or at least half brothers. We should Ice them, you know?

Seriously, we wouldn't mind paying for Hulu — especially if it took out all those commercials — if we could get all of the episodes of any series, and if the quality was 720p. How about you? Would the possibility of Hulu on the iPad get you to invest $500 in Apple's svelte tablet? And what's the most you'd be willing to pay per month for a smooth-streaming, commercial-free Hulu in 720p that contains the back catalogues of series episodes from NBC, ABC and Fox?

Via Reuters