Coffee table shredder creates artwork out of dead documents

Anyone who runs some kind of illegal business needs a super-fast way to destroy any evidence when law enforcement comes knocking. Sure, a regular electric shredder would work, but if you want your incriminating paperwork to disappear really fast, it's much easier if the shredder is built right into the middle of your table.

The Papervore coffee table from Voos Furniture looks like just the trick. With a big wide slot it can handle even the biggest pile of phony receipts, and its hand crank action won't tip off the fuzz as your partner tries to stall them at the door. The resulting scraps fall into a big transparent bin, creating their own colorful artwork that the cops can try to reassemble.

The main catch I see is the Papervore's hefty $1,250 price tag. To make it worth that kind of splurge, you must be running quite a racket.

Voos Furniture via, Unplgged