Futuristic watch/phone projects time on your wrist

A lot of people no longer wear a watch on their wrist, choosing instead to use their cellphone to tell the time. But what if you want to keep all of your geeky gadgets truly hidden?

The strangely named Dial Phone from designer Jung Dae Hoon takes the functions of both a watch and a phone, and disguises them as a fashionable bracelet. Various colors and styles will be available to suit both men and women, although I don't know too many guys who would wear something like this.

Worn like a bracelet the ring projects the time onto the wearer's wrist, while in phone mode you lie the ring on a flat surface, and touch the segment of the ring opposite the projected number you want. That might work okay when you're indoors, but how well will you be able to see those numbers in bright sunlight?

For now the Dial Phone is just a concept.

Via Tuvie.com