Awesomely minimalist clock literally uses batteries to tell time

It doesn't get much more simple than this, folks. Or gorgeously spare. Called "The Front & Back," the minimalist clock is a design by The Wrong Objects and uses its own batteries as its hands to tell time. You just have to love a design that takes an object and boils it down to its most basic parts, and still makes it work.

According to The Wrong Objects, putting the batteries up front isn't a revolution in the clock world, but rather it's the most interesting thing to happen to batteries in a while. "Behind the clocks batteries always provide the power that allows clocks to work," the design team's blog states. "Batteries summon up courage to demand more a active relationship, willing to play the role of hands of a clock."

The big question, though, is which batteries you're going to use. It's a big decision now, after all. The Front & Back is just a concept at this time, but who knows? Maybe it'll find it's way onto a wall sometime in the future.

The Wrong Objects, via OhGizmo!