Awesome mini-Tumbler serves as Batman's golf cart

When Batman isn't busy filling the vacancies at Arkham, the caped crusader likes to hit the golf course and tee off next to his Tumbler golf cart. Honestly, the idea of a super serious, super intense Christian Bale-like Batman driving around in this thing and spouting all kinds of throaty gold-related nonsense is endlessly funny to me.

It was spotted nearby the Batman set, which made blog LA Life originally think that it was crafted for Batman: Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan himself. A comment on the post indicates that it was actually made for a huge fan related to the film by Marc's Creature Company, a visual effects studio in Hollywood.

Whoever it was made for, one thing is certain: Batman 3 definitely needs an action scene on a golf course using this puppy. Check out additional shots of the miniature Tumbler in the gallery below.

LA Life, via Geekologie