Augmented reality comes to haircut training

Unless your head looks like that mannequin's in the picture above, you're probably not too keen on the idea of some beginner hairdresser learning the craft on your precious hair. That's why researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology are working on Air Hair, simulating the haircutting experience using a digital avatar and special motorized scissors.

Couldn't the system at least render a few more individual hairs, rather than making it look like brown twigs are falling from the avatar's head? Sure, it looks pretty crude right now, but if the researchers would just crank up the resolution and speed up the processing, this could be a good way to simulate more than mere haircutting — how about a new Operation game for the 21st century? It could even be used to train doctors to perform remote surgery.

Check out the system in action:

Via CrunchGear