Apple's freshly redesigned Mini gets HDMI and (gasp) easy-access RAM

It used to be that if you wanted to replace the RAM in your Mac Mini — to upgrade it, for instance, saving some cash in the process — you had to pry it open like a clam with a putty knife. That usually meant scratches, not to mention plenty of frustration. Now? You just twist off a panel on the bottom. That's just one of several welcome upgrades to the Mac Mini.

Apple's also blessed its mini Mac with an HDMI cable, which, besides improving video quality, is one of the cleanest, no-fuss cables out there. No screws, no multiple plugs. Speaking of which, the power cable is just a single cord now, with no power brick. It's a lot more like plugging in a toaster than a computer.

The Mac Mini now also sports an aluminum unibody design just like its friend, the MacBook Pro, as well as the same NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphic card. It's worth noting, though: that 320M stands for mobile. It's a card designed for laptops, not PCs, so don't expect to play the latest and greatest on the Mac Mini, or take it through some heavy paces. At the same time, Apple says the cards are twice as powerful as the Mini used to have on the inside.

You can check out the rest of the upgraded specs on Apple's website, where the Mac Mini starts at $699.

Apple, via TUAW