8 Father's Day tech gifts from the future

How many of you bought a gadget or tech toy for your dad this Father's Day? Most of you, I'd wager. Dads and gadgets go together better than... than, well, anything. That's not going to change, either. Not even by 2030.

So what kind of tech toys do dads have to look forward to? I won't spoil the surprise — continue reading to see eight futuristic gifts we'll be giving our fathers in 2030.


1. Clothing Printer

Designed by: Joshua Harris

What it does: Dads love specialty gadgets. Ice cream makers, a motorized opener for wine bottles, the fanciest weather-telling gadget — your father probably has these and more. You know what he can't do, though? Print his own clothes right in his home. Now all those things he says that he thinks are funny he can put right on a shirt.


2. Bionic Track Suit

Designed by: Chris Vella

What it does: Busy dads are always looking for easier ways to stay in shape, and in 2030 technology will be advanced enough that an entire gym can essentially be woven into the fibers of a suit. Chris Vella's "Activation Suit" does it all, from stimulating muscles so that they're ready for a workout to cooling down and relaxing the body when you're done. It'll even record what went on, and analyzes that data to make exercise more effective in the future.


3. Sticky Note Rifle

Designed by: Alex Marshall

What it does: The best part of being a dad? Awesome office toys. It doesn't get much better than a toy rifle that dispenses sticky notes. 2030 Dad will be able to wage war on inefficiency and have fun doing it, shooting to-do lists across the workspace. Nothing says "get this done" like a sticky to the face.


4. Lupe Handheld Washing Machine

Designed by: Il-seop So

What it does: Sure, maybe your dad doesn't normally handle the washing, drying and ironing — maybe he does. The point is, if he had a gadget that did all of it at once, you know he'd come bounding at the opportunity to use it and share a "Hey, check this out" moment. Oh, 2030 Dad, you'd love this Lupe handheld do-it-all machine. I know you would.


5. Qumi Flexible Cooking Unit

Designed by: Illia Vostrov

What it does: You know when dad cooks, he likes to do it up in style (and with gadgets). The Qumi is like a crystal ball that steams, fries and microwaves all while letting you see what's going on. It's perfect for the Future Dad who wants to display his culinary wizardry. The Qumi would be controlled externally via a home control unit (it's 2030, after all), and is mobile and wireless so dad could take it anywhere.


6. Instinct Vacuum Cleaner

Designed by: Berty Bhuruth

What it does: Today's dad gets a Roomba. 2030 Dad? This Instinct vacuum-sheep-thing. It maps out each room of your house as a 3D model and then goes about the best way to destroy your dust. It's got legs, too, which means no messy corner of your home is safe. It's perfect for the dad who likes to kick back on the couch and bask in how easy human ingenuity has made modern life. (Read: all dads.)


7. "Yee" Flying Car

Designed by: Zhu Wenxi, Lai Zexin and Pan Jiazhi

What it does: 2000 was supposed to be the year we get flying cars, at least for people living in the '50s. Now, 2030 is the official "future," and that means you can get dear ol' dad driving and flying to and from work with one vehicle. The Yee's rear wheels also double as propellers, and they flip up into position when dad decides it's ready to take to the skies.


8. Interactiv Boxing

Designed by: Damien Urvoy

What it does: Just like any father, 2030 Dad has dreams he never got to pursue. Let him pretend to be something else for a little while. How about a boxer? The Interactiv Boxing system is the punching bag that helps you train without a trainer, meaning it's just dad and himself for a while. It's good for getting in shape, or just letting off some steam.