Cheap 3D camcorder lets everyone make their own Avatar sequel

3D may be the hottest topic in home video, but unless you have $21k to splurge on Panasonic's fancy new camcorder, your 3D home video-making options are going to be pretty limited. Now, however, Taiwan's Aiptek has announced its own 3D camcorder that's less than 1% of the Panasonic's price, and even half the price of the budget offering from DXG. I've heard of price erosion, but that's ridiculous.

Of course the Aiptek 3D doesn't come close to matching the sophistication of the Panasonic, but it still should be plenty of fun to play around with. Rather than using the fancy LCD shutter glasses of the high-end 3D systems, viewing the Aiptek's 3D images requires only a pair of those old-style red and green cardboard glasses. You don't even need a special monitor. The system is fully compatible with YouTube, so you can share your 3D creations with the world.

The Aiptek 3D will be available in August for around $200, and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon.

Aiptek USA, via Akihabara News