Is this realistic 3D hologram the TV of the future?

What if you could walk around an image, viewing it from any direction? That's the promise of the HoloAD Diamond Series, demonstrated at Computex in Taipei last week. It's a crude example of a full holographic TV, using three displays and strategically placed reflecting glass plates to give you a multi-perspective look at various objects. This is getting awfully close to that 360-degree holographic projection of Princess Leia talking about how Obi-Wan is her only hope.

The pyramid-shaped product gets its images from Flash video files, otherwise known as FLV files. You feed those frames into it using simple USB memory devices. The images displayed are moving videos with multiple perspectives. This goes way beyond the still holographic images we've seen in the past.

Crude as it is, the display has a distinct advantage over most holographic experiments: it's not a design concept, but a shipping consumer product. There are two models now available: one with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, and the other at 1,280 x 1,024. However, there was no price mentioned for either one. See exactly how it looks in the video below.

Via Gizmo Watch