World's largest auto mall has a race track on top

Those ambitious Turks in Istanbul must be planning to sell a lot of cars. They're building the gigantic Autopia Europia auto mall, the biggest in the world, giving you a full race track on top to test cars before you drive one home.

Under construction now, the five-story, 708,661-square-foot building will have room for 200 car galleries, displaying 2526 different kinds of vehicles. Meanwhile, 24 banks will be standing by to help you pay for that dream machine, and 56 bars, restaurants and cafes await for you to think over your purchase.

It's so big, the illustrations suggest using Segways to navigate the monstrous structure. The optimistic Turks expect 6 million visitors to Autopia Europia every year. Does this mean the recession is truly over?

Here's a video:

Via Designboom