Designer re-imagines scissors to be faster, better, easier

Scissors have been around for a long, long time without many major changes. So it may have been an act of hubris when designer Spencer Nugent decided to re-imagine the common household tool. Looking at the results, I'm not sure what to think.

The first obvious modification is that instead of the usual two-handled look, there's a single outer loop and a small lever inside that you press to get things moving. Also dramatically different is the bottom blade: it remains stationary while the top blade does all the work. It doesn't seem fair to me either, but it's supposed to be easier on the hand and wrist.

What would turn this whole thing around for me is if the scissors were friendly to lefties as well as right-handed folks. Maybe then I wouldn't have to decide between accidentally chopping off my finger and searching for a store that actually sells left-handed scissors. Please, Spencer, tell me you've found a solution to this conundrum and I'll be first in line.

Coroflot, via Wired