The craziest UFO lamps ever built

We're no strangers to alien abduction lamps, but these watery structures have gone way beyond mere illumination, practically abducting our minds. Let's let Jason Dietz, the guy who built these masterpieces, explain:

These are handmade UFO abduction lamps. They stand 5-feet 5-inches tall and are made out of recycled glass tubes, light diffusers, and acrylic rings. They hold approximately 10 gallons of water each. They use a series of different lights that include CFLs, LEDs, and halogens. They each have a 110-volt 20-gallon air pump that produces the bubbles from the bottom. The theme is a cow being abducted out of a grassy pasture — look carefully to see the cow in the giant plasma tube.

If you live in the San Francisco area, take a look at these lamps up close at the 5th Annual Maker Faire Bay Area 2010, the world's largest do-it-yourself festival, at the San Mateo Fairgrounds on May 22 and 23rd. Maybe if you're lucky, Jason will sell you one.

Via Make