Blast your mouth with light for whiter teeth

Now you can listen to music while you're whitening your teeth, thanks to the Beaming White Forever White Teeth Whitening Headset. Stretch your lips back into an insane, scary grin with its included cheek retractor, slather on a dollop of hydrogen peroxide gel, and flip on the 2.5 W blue LED light. You'll get one-hour bleaching, and hey, you won't be bored because you'll have that headset on the whole time.

Even though this kit costs only 40 bucks, buyer beware. First of all, the hydrogen peroxide gel included in the kit is a 16% solution, where (according to the Beaming White company itself) the gel dental professionals will put on your teeth in a dentist's chair is 35%. And why would you need some cheap headset? You probably already have your own.

Finally, it's nice to have white teeth, but who wants to have fakey looking bright white teeth that look like Simon Cowell's? On the other hand, fellow old codgers, you want to have white teeth and brown hair, not the other way around.

Beaming White, via ChipChick