Sony's atracTable is one step closer to Minority Report

Take the groundbreaking Microsoft Surface system, add the ability to recognize facial expressions and body movement, and you'll get an idea of what the Sony atracTable can do. It uses a couple of cameras to track what your body and face are doing, and a rear projector underneath the table to display the results on a 35-inch multi-touch screen. Like the Microsoft Surface, it can interact with objects such as cellphones placed on its surface.

Of course, Sony couldn't have invented such clever software on its own. That was done by Swiss company Atracsys, which sold its technology to Sony. Now, Sony plans to market this awesome invention to a variety of markets, including gaming, industrial, retail stores and even medical applications.

Lose the table and make it all gestural, and it'll be just like Tom Cruise's screen in the movie Minority Report. Check out the video for a glimpse at its majestic powers:

Pocket Lint, via Gizmo Watch